Why a Home Cinema Set is Worth the Investment


The old-fashioned television starts to get boring. The old TVs with a large bump on the back are hardly seen anymore and a regular flat screen tv is no exception anymore. Words like an LCD screen, Ultra UD and Widescreen are normal things to think about when you choose a new television. But have you ever thought about a home entertainment system? 50five can provide you with such a home entertainment system and you will be able to read honest customer reviews of 50five here. But first: read why you should have a home entertainment system.

Better Sound

The sounds of a film in the cinema are unique. It almost seems like the sound is all around you and that sound cannot be reproduced by a normal television. Still, we’re getting close by the addition of home entertainment systems. These systems take the sound of your very own television one step further and, thereby, one step closer to cinema sound. The system comes with a sound bar that you put in front of your TV. This bar arranges the sound that comes from the front. But there are also some boxes that you can put behind you. You will feel like you are right in the middle of all the action, even though there is still some distance between you and the screen. The sound will be divided over your television, the bars and boxes. This will give depth to your sound.

Better Image Quality

A home cinema set also requires a proper television. The image quality of modern televisions has improved drastically over the last two decades. Screens have gotten flatter, the image quality has become better and the images are more clear and detailed. Maybe you never heard of QLED, but it’s supposed to be an improvement to the LED TV’s, High Definition and Plasma TV’s that were introduced a couple of years ago. Most people make use of digital television and the interactive options that come with it. Smart TV’s make online television even easier. You will be able to connect with the internet, streaming services and other options that come with digital television. And who knows what the future might bring when it comes to sharper images and clearer colours.

3D Television and Virtual Realityhome entertainment systems

3D television can also be seen as a new form of home entertainment, especially since 3D TV’s are no exception anymore. The same goes for Virtual Reality, one step further than 3D. Both of these options require specialised glasses that you wear when you are watching TV. 3D is still clearly in front of you (even though the images seem to come closer. Virtual Reality happens all around you. You almost feel like you are in the middle of the situation. Especially with first-person shooter games, it feels like you are the main character. Both features are still in development, so the image quality that you lose if you use 3D will probably be restored in the future. Soon, we will have HD quality 3D or more.

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