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In SEO terms, use of search engine optimization techniques which target a human audience rather than search engine based is referred to as white hat link building.

A website that follows search engine guidelines and organic ranking techniques is white hat optimized. That is, the SEO of such websites uses white hat link building techniques. These include techniques like use of keywords, keyword analysis, back linking, and link building among others.

A white hat SEO ensures that your website builds traffic and gets a good ranking via ethical methods. Some of the techniques such SEO uses include the following.

white hat link building

  1. Keyword Research and Analysis–Keyword is extremely essential to make your website a top ranking website and easily found. Keyword research is a niche area for all SEO’s and highly competitive. Keywords are found in titles, subtitles and metatags. There are several tools which will help an SEO for keyword research. These include SECockpit and KeySearch.Co.
  2. Backlinking – This helps in increasing your page ranking. For instance, when your website is visited on a redirect, that is a link from another website or blog, then your site rankings increase. There are several tools used to improve this. One such tool which is free of charge include Ontolo which hunts for partners for backlinking and provides basic contact details. A paid for tool considered as the best for backlinking is Ahreps.
  3. Ranking – All good SEO’s keep a track of a client’s website ranking. That is, to check where the website is ranked on a periodic basis. There are many tools available for website ranking. Rankr, a free tool sends email reports after checking the rank. The premium SEOPowerSuite Company charges a fee to track ranking.
  4. PPC Research – Several websites have a sponsored ad where websites get paid-per-click. To track the clicks on the ad, there are special tools. These are the PPC (paid-per-click) research tools. There are tools like Spyfu, which is a paid for tool. Google Keywords Planner and keywords.co are free tools which include other research options other than PPC research.
  5. Traffic – One of the most important criteria for SEO success is generating traffic. Several tools are available which track traffic to a website live. For instance, Klipfolio which comes with a dashboard. The dashboard displays several metrics such as, amount of traffic,PPC and natural searches and campaign visits.

There are tools which the white hat seo uses to ensure that you get the best of services, which are legitimate and organic. They also use tools which have a combination of all the above tools such as the SEOPowerSuite Enterprise.

The main reason to use tools is to improve visibility and stay competitive. It also determines the page or website’s SEO value. White Hat SEO’s have a higher value than others.

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