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Bitfutures gives you a chance to win big today by betting on our site with bitcoins.Our micro-sized futures contracts allow you to start trading using an initial deposit of less than $30.We believe our trade execution prices are the most competitive in the gaming industry. We give you a chance to win big from little capital you invest. All bitfutures contracts in bitcoin are not fiat currency. This allows you to fund your account in a quick and cheap, private and hassle freeway. Since the value of our micro contracts is so small, users can begin trading with a similarly small amount of bitcoin. Our services are located in secure hosting facilities, outside the United States, in various business friendly jurisdictions around the world. Register today and bet on sports with bitcoin today and win big.

bitfutures contracts


You visit our website  https://www.bitfutures.co/ and click on the sign up button the process takes less than a minute, you will be asked to choose a username that will be known to your fellow players, you should choose your unique username that has not been used with others. The next step you will be asked to choose the password. You should choose a unique password that you cannot forget because lost cannot be retrieved back.  The next thing you have to is to confirm you are not USA citizen because now it is not available to USA citizens at the moment. The last thing you have to do is to prove you are not a robot and you will complete the sign up process. welcome today and bet on sports with bitcoin today and get profit


A BitFutures pool game is an enhanced peer-to-peer game designed to simulate, on a very small scale, the stress and decision making one would encounter when running a commodities fund. BitFutures pool games are not regulated commodity pools, nor is any pool game’s operator a licensed Commodity Pool Operator registered with the CFTC, SEC, or any other regulatory body.Pool Game Operators can optionally charge players a fee for their services. A default fee structure can be applied to the pool game as a whole or, alternatively, varying fee structures can be configured on a player-by-player basis.A player must agree to the pool game’s fee structure before depositing Bitcoin into the pool game.There are two types of fees that you can earn as a Pool Game Operator: Management Fee, this fee can range between 0%-5% (annualized) of the player’s net asset value in the pool game, or Incentive Fee, an incentive fee is a percentage of new profits earned, examined monthly. All losses, if any, must be recouped before an incentive fee can be assessed. An incentive fee can range between 0% – 50% of new trading profits earned.

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