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Comparison Of The Bitcoin Currency And The The USA Official Currency


Currencies are the medium that makes trade possible and really makes it easy to do anything we want to do with that, us dollar belongs to the United States of America but and is governed by a centralized government or bank, a government has total control over this currency and can easily manipulate the prices with some financial planning in their country. On the other hand, Bitcoin is one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies in the world. To know who stands where against each other read this whole article about BTC to USD comparison.

Comparison On the Basis of Some Factors

 There are several bases on which these currencies can be compared,

  1. Origin, The USD is the official currency of the united states of America on the other hand bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and it is not an official currency of any nation or country.
  2. Issuance, this is issued by the Federal reserve bank of America while the bitcoins are mined from a process called bitcoin mining.
  3. Governing body, There is really no governing body for the bitcoin trading. It is an official currency of a country and thus governed by the government of the united states of America.
  4. Value of the currency, both have very high values in the market but the price of bitcoin in comparison to USD is very high, the exchange rate of btc to usd is 7,138 dollars for one bitcoin. This is really very high but this is just because of the demand and supply factors of the market.
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