How Kavanaugh Made Himself An Inspiration To Everyone?


Everyone wants to become successful and dreamed of having their lives in the shoe of the riches. But, did you know that these riches and successful people make use of their efforts and intelligence to achieve a stable life? Indeed, one of these great successful people is the man behind Relativity Media. He was the founder of the famous giant media company. It is one of the most popular media companies that brought a smile to the faces of a million audiences all around the world. Ryan Kavanaugh founded the famous Relativity Media with his partner Lynwood Spinks. However, before Ryan becomes a successful man in his career, he was once one of those simple kids during his early years.

Kavanaugh’s childhood days

Kavanaugh belongs to a simple family in Los Angeles, California. He was born to a Jewish family and raised in Brentwood. He attended Brentwood High School, raised by his parents in a simple life. Leslie, Ryan’s mother, is a real estate broker, and Jack Konitz, Ryan’s father, is a dentist. Later on, his father turned into a businessman. It is one of the reasons why Ryan had landed in the business too. He was inspired by his dad, not only as a businessman, but an intelligent and kind-hearted person.

How Kavanaugh Made Himself An Inspiration To Everyone?

His life in Relativity Media

Kavanaugh was temporarily serving as a consultant in small businesses before he founded Relativity Media. During the late 90s, Ryan decided to borrow money from his father through a loan to have a good start for a fund. However, his father was not confident to lend him the said amount. So, Ryan never stops; instead, he aims to get the said amount through his intelligence in mathematics. So, he connects movie projects and financing that made him achieve his plans. Meaning, he is not merely a man with ambition, but a man with determination and passion of his dreams and desires. Ryan created the Monte Carlo Model designed to predict the odds of a given film. Any film of Relativity can’t be released without given the green light by the model unless it is predicted with high profitability.

At the first-year operation of Relativity, Kavanaugh had made a finance deal with Marvel Studios. The deal led to the creation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Later on, with this achievement, Ryan had taken several deals to the following companies:

  • Sony
  • Universal
  • Warner Brothers and more

With the great success of Relativity Media, Kavanaugh had brought it to the top and one of the giant media companies.

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