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Staying with a family is always a cherishing feeling in our living period. Family is beautiful when we are blessed with children but many people are lacking kids in their family. If you are a woman with kind hearted surely you can donate your egg without any objections. There is no risk involved in the process and many of the women are doing it for helping people who are in need of kids.


There are certain requirements for becoming an egg donor. Some of the egg donor requirements are mentioned below.


Age is the very important factor for donating eggs. Women who are in-between the age of 21 to 29 can donate their eggs because at that time human body can produce healthy eggs.

Good health

For donating eggs, surely you must have good physical as well as mental health. It is very necessary for a women to stay strong enough emotionally to undergoing such a good process.

Proper menstrual cycle

Women who are having proper menstrual cycle without any irregular periods should donate their eggs for faster fertilization.


It is very important for women to stay away from any of the drugs or other things which can ruin her reproductive system.

Mental health

Mental health should be proper in women who are ready to donate their eggs. Without mental power, it is hard to undergo medications or treatment which will lasts about 6 to 10 weeks of time. Women with proper mental strength can get involved in donating eggs.

These are some of the requirements of becoming an egg donor. Above all you need to have a good heart to make other’s family happy in a big way. The medication process will take 6 to 10 weeks where you need to patiently spend your time for the sake of creating a new life. If you feel deep inside that you need to help couples who are in need of kids, then you can donate your egg to bring spring in their lifetime. Doing such kinds of good things can make you feel that you are a good soul.


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