Everything you want to know about Bitcoins


Bitcoins are complex that you might think. Bitcoins are files with registered values as initial payments for making transactions. There are a transaction input, output, and amount considered in bitcoin. The transaction input shows to whom the money has been sent and the output shows you have sent the money. Even in case of free bitcoin mining, if the bitcoins are under a wallet, then they are under control for sure.

  1. Working of bitcoin coins

When you send bitcoin to someone and they send it back to you, then it becomes the blockchain technology. When you send a bitcoin transaction, that amount gets addressed to the person you are sending the coin. When that person sends it to someone else, then their address will be put at the transaction input, and in this way, the process goes on.

  1. The amounts and addresses

The only problem with free bitcoin mining is that the amounts addressed to the transaction inputs and outputs are not divisible by each other. The bitcoin network automatically creates 0.5 bitcoins even if there are multiple transaction outputs. With time, the bitcoin wallets will create so many addresses containing varying amounts in all.

This leads to transactions to different accounts and this will lead to change in the transaction values over time.

  1. Sending of small Bitcoin amounts

You can slice bitcoins for literally anything you want. The smallest divisible part is called Satoshi amounting to 1 millionth in 1 bitcoin. Just one Satoshi would never be enough and would lead to clogging of the small networks.

For the sending of bitcoins, you will be needing a bitcoin wallet. You will use your Bitcoin wallet to decide which transaction you would want to send electronically. Write the recipient’s name the amount, transaction fees, and click on send.

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