Decide And Pick Best Screws For Fence Pickets


Apart from security purposes, fences made up of woods also provide value and beauty to the exterior of your surroundings. But for the construction of these fences role of screws are very significant. They not only connect two or more wooden strips but also provides strength and finishing.  Before buying the best screws for fence pickets, it is essential to have some primary knowledge about the types and shapes of screws you are going to use.

Varieties of screws

The variety of screw ranges are available in the market. They are given different names based on their shapes, sizes, and material used in manufacturing. Here are some of them-

  • Deck screws: these nails are also called green screws, and are superb for the wood treated by pressure. They are glazed with epoxy, which prevents the wood strips from corrosion.
  • Galvanized screws: it is used in untreated types of wood, similar to cedar and redwood. They are glazed with zinc, which protects wood strips from rusting, staining and discoloration. It is among one of the best screws for fence pickets.
  • Lag screws: often used in high wood fences and heavy planking. They contain hexagonal heads, which give these screws a tough bonding characteristic.
  • Bronze silicon screws: these are made of mixtures of metals called alloy and are resistant to rust. They are exceptional for those wooden fences that are near the riverbanks, lakes, and oceans.

Benefits and aids of screws over nails

  • The screws are extra efficient and long-lasting than nails.
  • For repairing and replacement purposes, it is easier to remove screws than nails without damaging the products.
  • The variety of screws are there, which prevents the wooden pickets from rusting, staining, and decolorization due to its surface coatings, whereas nails cannot provide that effectiveness.
  • The deck screws give protection from the corrosion; on the other hand, nails lacking these benefits.

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Characteristic features and comparison

The two famous and most chosen screws brands in the marketplace are-

  • Grip rite prime guard MAXS62690: it comes in the size of approximately 1-5/8″ and shank size of 8. The material used is 305 stainless steel and weighs around 5 pounds. Star drives are used in whole screws.
  • Fasten Master FMGD158-75: the size of the screws is the same as above one, but it differs in shank size; the size of the shank is approximately 9. These are also made up of stainless steel. Pozisquare drives are used. It comes in 75 packs and weighs around 9.6 ounces.

It is all about different types of screws used in making fences. You can go through these and choose the correct one for you.

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