5 Easy House Extensions


Since 1970, the refurbishment of the attic has become a necessity for people to get more benefits from the house, more extensions of the house and everything with minor changes.

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  • Additional bathroom or bedroom; With a long staircase is the best option that any owner of the house wishes. Ceiling lights or dormer windows that surround natural sunlight can be excellent for a home expansion plan.
  • The second most useful way to get a plan for a house with a larger floor area, to increase the value of the house, without being built in your garden, is in the garage. Other bedrooms, a gym or a studio can be easily built above the garage; even without the construction of a long staircase, which is a must for a loft conversion. Another argument in favor of the fact that no fundamental costs are required; And the extension will also be legal.
  • Most homeowners do not use their garage, so why not tear down this wall and not expand their retail space by buying a more luxurious kitchen, a separate TV or a room in a dormitory? This space can be used for anything you want; Everything is in your hands. Also, when your house was built, you already have permission for this extension.
  • Previously, houses that were built a long time ago, had only one extension. If you have a house without a connection, getting more and more extensions seems great. Extensions to the house can be on the ground floor or on the first floor; according to your needs.
  • The boundary of the perimeter, which revolves around the whole house, seems to be a prerequisite for all houses; yet it is not. People leave the space from one to five meters, which is completely useless for many homes. The only use of this land is the limit and nothing else. If this space is used, the size of the floor can be increased without permission, and the rooms can be more spacious. If you are raising a family, this will be the best option.

Permission is required for housing plans in the plan during the permit process. Obtaining permission from local authorities and building codes is an obligation that all homeowners consider. Homeowners usually require renewals that do not require a permit, but if you go after the one that does, make sure that all legal formalities are in place and completed with due care.


Even if you go for house extension London, which was authorized by local authorities during the paperwork in the original house; just go in and check out the local power office to see if it is still a valid choice or not.

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